Episode 1

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While visiting the countryside, book editor Poppylan "Poppy" Wilkes makes a gruesome discovery.
Meanwhile, mafia bodyguard Tora receives an SOS from an old friend.

Poppy Wilkes — The heroine of our story.
Tora — The hero of our story.
JulriPoppy's cheating ex. (Scroll over text for spoiler.)
MimiJulri's sidepiece. (Scroll over text for spoiler.)
Goliath (mentioned) — A childhood friend of Tora's.


  • Julri's place
  • Moonbright Train Station
  • Narin City

  • Tora's place
  • Bloody Shoe — Found by Poppy near the Moonbright Train Station, presumably belonging to Goliath. However, she dismisses it as a prank or that someone dripped chocolate on their shoe.

    (Recommended songs that pertain to this episode)

    "Say My Name" by Destiny's Child [Poppy/Julri]
    "I'll Be There for You" by The Rembrandts [Tora/Goliath]